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Holistic Divorce 
Recovery Group

Hybrid support and skill building group for women struggling with overwhelm and adjusting to life after divorce who want to learn acceptance, mindfulness and self-compassion to heal and thrive.

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Wednesdays 5-6pm for 10 weeks

2023 Group Cohort Dates TBD

If You Are:

Feeling lost after your divorce?  Like you don't know who you are and need to discover a new you?


Your body is worn out and on high alert even after all of the court dates and legal issues have subsided?

Struggling with headaches, overeating, or sleep problems?


The cost of not solving these problems...

Risk feeling behind at work due to distractions and stress.

Feeling relationships being strained and damaged from your ongoing anger, anxiety, frustration and stress.

Experiencing continued weight gain, exhaustion and more health problems.

Having zero motivation to exercise, even though you KNOW movement would help you.

Wasting precious self-care time by scrolling endlessly on social media to avoid your feelings.

Enough is enough! 

Go from stressed out, lost and overwhelmed to confident, motivated and truly self-compassionate.

During this group you will learn:

  • How to develop a toolbox of acceptance, self-compassion and mindfulness strategies for stress reduction for YOU, personalized for what you feel comfortable with...not what the gurus all say is good for you.

  • Practice repeatable experiential exercises including meditation, journaling and somatic exercises to get a taste for what you benefit most from.

  • Experience supportive, compassionate listening from group members on your unique problems.

  • Create a lasting plan for self-regulation after the group.


PLUS: Lifetime access to recorded Meditations/Exercises and Group Workbook

This can help create CHANGE your life, if you're ready to put in the work.


This group will help you achieve:

Understanding of how divorce influences our brains and behavior.

Improved ability to access coping tools to reduce moments of triggers, anxiety and stress

Connect better with mind/body and express emotions more easily.

Improve relationships by setting better boundaries for yourself and your healing.

Better overall holistic health including sleep, eating habits and motivation to exercise or move your body.

How can I help you?

  • I have personally experienced Depression, Anxiety and PTSD symptoms and have healed using the strategies I will teach you on a daily basis to manage ongoing life stressors.

  • Professionally, I'm a Certified Trauma Focused CBT therapist, trained in EMDR (certification in process) and EFT with decades of experience. You will be guided by someone who can hold space for you in this setting in a safe way.

  • My mission is to help you find your foundation for healing and unearth the hidden potential to give you all necessary tools to develop and grow.

Investment: Private pay ($90 intake + $50/session for 8 weeks) or accepting BCBS

Group Weekly Agenda

All weeks include homework assignments and 10 minutes of team support time

Week 1

Make the Choice to Start Somewhere

Understanding Your Emotions

Week 5

Meaning Making

Week 2

Mindfulness Practice


Mindfulness Masterclass

Week 6

Hidden Blessings

Week 3

Prioritizing Self-Compassion

Week 7

Preparing for the Future

Week 4

Forgiveness of Others & Forgiveness of Self

Letting Go of Guilt/Shame

Week 8



What are your fees?

Private pay ($90 intake + $50/session for 8 weeks) or accepting BCBS insurance for outside referrals.
I also provide superbills for you to submit for out of network benefits.

Where are groups conducted?

All groups are via a secured zoom room.

What is expected of me in session?

You are required to show up every session and interact in some way in each session, whether it be via chat, sharing your video/audio.  You are not required to show video if this makes you uncomfortable.

What if I can't make a session or have technical difficulties?

If you are unable to join for session, there will be a recording of the group available to you.  You will be charged for the group session rate for access to the recording.

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