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Group Virtual Therapy

Via Zoom

Offering in-depth science-based mind/body interventions to help heal in a group setting.

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Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Tuesdays 11am-12pm


Wednesdays 5pm-6pm

10 week initial commitment

Guided Meditation

Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness

Mondays 5pm for 8 weeks


Holistic Divorce Recovery

2023 Dates TBD

10 week hybrid support/skills based

Group Questions Answered

What are your fees?

Private pay ($90 intake + $50/session for 8/10 weeks) or accepting BCBS insurance for outside referrals.
I also provide superbills for you to submit for out of network benefits.

How do I sign up for group?

You must be screened prior to admission to group via an intake session.  If you have interest, schedule a time to chat with me to make sure it's a good fit.   We will chat, I will answer any questions you have and get you scheduled for your 30-minute intake.  You will then be added to the roster for the group once the intake is complete.

What if I can't make a session?

If you are unable to join for session, there will be a recording of the group available to you.  You will be charged for the group session rate for access to the recording.

How do you conduct groups?

I conduct all groups via zoom at this point.  You are required to show up every session and interact in some way in each session, whether it be via chat, sharing your video/audio or joining breakout rooms at points during the group.  You are not required to show video if this makes you uncomfortable.

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