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Intensive EMDR 

EMDR intensive sessions goals are to allow for more processing time for more progress towards goals in addition to normal session check ins or other activities.  EFT and Trauma Sensitive Yoga can be incorporated in as well to help integrate and support your healing.

This may be the right fit for you if:

  • Weekly therapy limited to 55 minutes or less isn't helping you "dive in" to the work, seems too short of a session and you'd like more time to dig in.

  • You may work with another therapist for day to day struggles and be referred to be for intensive EMDR, which can be adjunct to your general therapy.  

  • You want quicker relief and don't want to wait months or longer for significant effects, goal attainment or breakthroughs

Research supports EMDR Intensives due to:

  • Enabling faster symptom reduction with similar, or even better, results than traditional EMDR, while reducing the risk that patients drop out prematurely. 

  • Reliable improvement in PTSD symptoms in a very short time frame. 

  • It's potentially more cost effective! Compared to other trauma therapy, the intensive format may decrease treatment time, because of time not spent on a) checking in at the beginning of each session, b) addressing current crises and concerns, c) focusing on stabilizing and coping skills that the client won’t need as acutely after trauma healing, or d) assisting the client in regaining composure at the end of the session. 

Learn more about the process here:

How long is the session?

3 hours from start to end

1 hour of check-ins or other interventions to support healing

2 hours of processing through EMDR 


Where would the sessions be held?

New clients: Virtual sessions via Zoom or Simple Practice


Established client: sessions may be done in your home space as long as the space is private, secured, distractions minimal and safe to do the processing work


Can you bill insurance?

No, insurance does not reimburse for extended EMDR processing.  These sessions are only for private pay clients.


What is the cost?

$500 for 3 hour session

Let's Work Together

Interested in EMDR Intensives? Reach out to inquire on availability.  INTENSIVES ARE ONLY SCHEDULED FRIDAYS 9-12

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